Similarly to Green Canopy Homes, Green Canopy Consulting is a wholly owned subsidiary of G2B Holdings, Inc. Formerly G2B Consulting, Green Canopy Consulting offers services to public and private sector clients to help design and develop energy efficiency programs on both large and small scales.

Services include:

  • Program design and development
  • Research on opportunities to achieve cost effective energy efficiency
  • Financial modeling
  • Identification of necessary program partnerships
  • Strategy, Marketing, Communications, Outreach
  • Implementation and rollout

What Others Have to Say

Steve Johnson
Acting Director, Office of Economic Development (Dec. 2009)

“G2B: I want to thank you and your team for a fabulous job pulling together a compelling application in such a short time. The draft hits the vision I had for this grant and far exceeds it. This is the best expenditure of consultant dollars for our office this year, hands down. Thank you again and I look forward to future partnerships.”

John Berdes
CEO, Enterprise Cascadia (Jan. 2009)

“G2B and I have been collaborating on designing and launching an energy conservation loan product. They have been a deep source of creative ideas, bottom-line focus, and commitment to forward motion. They do what they say, push the envelope when they need to, and integrate new thinking fast. We’ll do lots more together.”

Darryl Smith
Deputy Mayor, Seattle (Jan. 2010)

“I have known Aaron for over a decade. He is sharp, passionate and committed to issues of environmental and social justice. This can be observed in all aspects of his life; whether at home, in his civic engagement, or on the job, his passion and sound judgment are always observed.”

Sue Taoka
EVP, Enterprise Cascadia

“Thanks G2B for being flexible and pulling all the pieces together and making a sound, cohesive and coherent case for energy efficiency finance!”

Chuck DePew
Director, National Development Council (Nov. 2009)

“This is 75 minutes early!!! Thank you G2B for being great sherpas on this adventure!!!”

For more information please contact Canuche Terranella at 206-792-7283.