Green Canopy’s mission is to inspire resource efficiency in residential markets.

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What does that mean?

Green Canopy wants to transform the real estate market to consider resource efficiency when homes are bought and sold. We want the communities in which we build to be inspired by the work that we are doing. We want the people that we meet and the folks that we do business with to be inspired by the impact that we make both locally and globally. We want our team and our shareholders to share the same vision for the growth and prosperity of our company and our communities. We want to create a great product that is valuable, innovative, beautiful and efficient. We want a better planet for our families, our friends and our future.


How do we achieve this by just building homes?

First of all, Green Canopy is not just a homebuilder. Sure we build homes and that is no small feat. Our construction team is made up of the most talented individuals that share a similar vision of building valuable, innovative, beautiful and efficient homes. They are our boots on the ground – working with neighbors, homebuyers and real estate agents to translate what we do and how we do it from the ground up.

We are educators. You can’t have a mission that is predicated on being inspirational without having that moment of teaching. And we have many teaching moments – both internally and in the community. Not only have we developed programs to educate the real estate community – but we are also actively working to influence state-level policy to put resource efficiency at the forefront of the homebuying process. Outreach is a big part of our company and is the best part of our mission.

We are an impact investment. Our innovative fund development team works to create opportunities for investment that align with the values of our company, our communities and our shareholders.  With over 60 project investors and company shareholders we aim to show that profitability and community transformation can go hand in hand. We are also a registered  B-Corp, and aim to be the change that we seek. Our work provides an opportunity for investors to use our business as a force for good.

We are also a brand – and not in the Coca-Cola sense of the word “Brand”. We are a company that is growing and will soon flow into new markets. Why are we growing? Because we aspire to improve this planet through our work and our mission. We have built a name for ourselves by being heroes in the community – transforming homes that could have (and sometimes should have) been torn down. Green Canopy was born in the middle of a recession and has stuck, through thick and thin, to help a the market return and grow. We have improved property values. We have built more with less and built better in worse conditions. We have built a team and a company culture that fosters unconditional love, continuous process improvement, and transparency. We have built a brand that is more than a logo and a tagline – but instead is an inspiration and a lifestyle. It’s a change in behavior and a way of thinking for all who are connected. Green Canopy is a good business invested in the business of doing “good” – for the people, for the planet and to profit all.

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2013 Annual Report – From Startup to Sustainable

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